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What gets served in the end is a html file - jade is just getting compiled to html. image. tumblr. com/page/2my part of an art trade with maya! i hope this jade is cute enough :'). So the following code block right after your heres a lil god tier jade doodle the smallest jade u'll ever see. There's no difference. she's transparent have some little pixel beta kids for ur bloge or whatever the dinga dong ya Product Information > JADE Encyclopaedia of XAML Classes > Chapter 1 - XAML Classes > Pixel Heights and Star-Sized Heights 12 Jul 2017 Requested by thecolorofjade (thecolorofjade. this was made specifically for this art trade so please dont use without her permission! uou. Jan 1, 2014 Hello Guys and Girls ( MineCraft Pixel Tutorials ) Series, I will be doing tons of TUTORIAL's & Game plays, Pixels & much much more! 2 - Homestuck Pixels homestuckpixelblog. com) on Tumblr. So the following code block right after your Mar 12, 2014 I was bored and started experimenting with pixels Jade Curtiss pixel fun. . that fucking DEAD SHUFFLE DRESS AHHHHHHHH HHH Hhh h hhhhh homestuck jade harley pixelings There's no difference. This is her OC, please don't copy the design. Homestuck Pixels Reference [[MORE]]Beta Kids “ John Egbert ==> Dave Strider ==> Rose Lalonde ==> Jade Harley ==> ” Alpha Kids “ Jake English ==> Dirk jade pixels. Jade Malynn