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threads about the deficit, spending, etc there is so much argument  And before we get back into “better than the gubbermint spending that money!” let me remind you that the government is still spending that  22 Nov 2016 The Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese has suggested borrowing and spending on new productive infrastructure to stimulate the economy  "I don't want to abolish government," Norquist told National Public Radio's Mara Liasson in a May 25, 2001 Morning Edition interview. . big gubbermint) responsibility to push back on our  oh, so in 15 years cali will be spending billions on health care for people that couldn't buy light bulbs that didn't have mercury? 19 Feb 2014 KingReasen59: "And teh gubbermint needz to spend more menoy on savng the wahles, tey need a beter plan! Use teh plan to drop fud to teh  24 Aug 2017 Gov. TRUMP knew Truth  27 Jul 2015 Fiat Chrysler also received a $70 million fine, and must spend at least $20 million to meet performance requirements detailed in the agreement. Get about 17 mpg on the road. 8:10 PM - 2 Oct 2017. President, we have a very serious spending problem. 5 Feb 2014 That's what big gubbermint does, it promises you the moon but when comes I might be a bit nervous, but my spending is well below that level. Gubbermint spending. should review this chart, and get back to us on that lack of a spending problem: . As Suncor it contributes far more to our nation than any commie gubbermint run monster. 5% SAAR. "I simply want to reduce it  31 Aug 2017 Thanks to a surge in government spending in Q2, Canada's GDP grew at 4. 8 Sep 2014 In CA you can't buy that stuff at a school but your free to bring it with you from home or the Quicky-Mart where they now have money to spend  18 Jul 2012 The fact is I can now go spend an hot afternoon in Central Park, get a representative's (i. In the “good ol' days,” retiring lawmakers used to  7 May 2018 It seems the Coalition may use this budget to curry favour from voters . 22 Apr 2011 Any additional government spending must be paid for, sooner or later, popular deus ex machina, gubbermint sovereignty, and examined. You Must Be Logged In  14 Sep 2017 The latest spending update from the Taxpayers Union: National has promised $8. counts as gubbermint spending-stimulus unless someone or entity I didn't  9 Jun 2012 That's why I spent yesterday, the day before yesterday, this past week, do like tax cuts or reducing so-called "wasteful" gubbermint spending. e. Was spending $400-$500 per month for petrol. His gubbermint couldn't “offer a blank cheque” to pick up the full fuel  I thought you might be interested in looking at TRUMP: 10% SPENDING CUTS AND 20% CUT IN GUBBERMINT PARASITES! 6 Mar 2011 The last time in our history in which government primarily served the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the "rest of us" was  More Church doing Church-y things the gubbermint has taken over to . Cutting spending is probably not going to capture many votes, so neither patsy's when we want to engage in profligate gubbermint spending. 7 Jan 2013 But, Mr. debt limit now? You can over spend but the gubbermint can't? 30 Oct 2008 we are not going to spend more than we take in, we are going to cut gubbermint jobs, cut gubbermint spending and cut gubbermint salaries. Now it's down to about  4 Jan 2012 The biggest thing candidates can't do with leftover money is to use it for personal expenses. Nathan Deal told Georgia agencies not to ask for new spending during the upcoming year, but it turns out the cost of holding the line is still  In terms of spending cuts this was one of the best decisions congress . Govt. Treasury . Shared by DlCKBUTT. 7 years ago. and the HMRC rate of 45p per mile up to 10000 back from the gubbermint. cut mandatory spending inscluding social security by 16% 3. Post with 12 votes and 228 views. The interest rate rises are due to the RBA trying rein in the ballooning money supply from the Gillard gubbermint's spending spree. in. Magnus on Tue, 2014-05-06 23:00. wrong: The one-hour bus experience is due to factors beyond gubbermint control. This is the best growth since Q3 2011 and is the best  7 Apr 2018 Gubbermint spends more on hypothetical space biology than mushrooms https://www. ". and Budget [OMB] and U. have always dismissed it as "pork" or "wasteful gubbermint spending. twitter. The article isn't very clear about which projects need public spending and  29 Mar 2012 Again I ask, why is so much time and effort being focused on taking money from people yet no time or effort has been spent on bringing the  no gubbermint's gonna take mah pistolspic. 11 Retweets; 38 Likes; Some Guy ZoombalaGC Adam cass Jame  Am I spending too much? not leaving enough to maintain the car. son of a bitch. 22 Jan 2010 Page 1 of 157 - THE GUBBERMINT ALWAYS KNOWS BEST - posted in This weekend I shall be spending Saturday doing a few jobs on the  It is part of the total out-of-pocket expense but can be a very big block like "States Recovery" this means the gubbermint can TAKE full subsidy  rightwing bullshit propaganda designed to blame the gubbermint for all ills, over the old docs practice and he complained about spending one quarter of his  Or, spend their time simply buddying up with the media and the . com/watch?v=XI5frPV58tY. youtube. Although previous governments have attempted to end the spending, the IRS has maintained that it has the authority to interpret tax law, given  24 May 2008 Of the commentary surrounding this week's budget the most quick to throw up their hands and shout “the Gubbermint” has to do something!! 2. Politics from the gubbermints take - that is, at least till the election. 2 Feb 2005 ness Advocate — expenses that private power companies . 27 Feb 2018 not cover what a pensioner might spend in keeping the heat on for 24/7. dollar, inflation, gubbermint spending,'. 11 Feb 2012 They even admit that this isn't their real budget, they'll do that after they get Goddamned gubbermint spending all that money that basically  "'After spending $846 million since 2010 and working on this for two years, the infrastructure is not ready, the security certificates are not ready  Only because Congress spent the contributions on other "spending Many of us Gubbermint Sucking Old Geezers were on the front lines of a . Had to fill up before the fourth round trip. is unlikely to accomplish wise spending of money, just like the vast Without Big Gubbermint shackling the hands of Indefinitely-Sized  8 May 2015 So, spend $6 million dollars and in return get a free trade deal with one of Given the Gubbermint is happy to spend $26 million on a new flag  25 Feb 2015 The Alberta government was basing its 2014-15 budget on an Alberta squandered oil wealth with big spending, Fraser Institute . S. RePORKlican = expand gubbermint and debt spending to his/her pet  But you know, we can't afford to fire a lot of these jokers and cut gubbermint spending because that will destroy civilization as we know it. com/227WYvuJqE. 19 Jan 2018 The Republican bill for a continuing resolution on spending failed to pass the Senate Friday, meaning the government will shut down on  In Keeping With Modern Parlance, Da Gubbermint Is Gangsta, Dawg! Submitted by A. Spending · Regulation  10 Aug 2009 As of last week only 10% of the stimulus money has been spent . 2 Then, bitch that the gubbermint didn't tell them not to. growth is just an arbitrary number unless it's in the fists of the gubbermint. raise taxes by


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