I39m drunk so I39m posting pictures of my cat

. 19 Nov 2017 At the end of each episode, her guests clear out and she relaxes with a jingle, “It's Friday / I'm gonna get drunk / I'm gonna get laid” and hip-thrusts in all denim. "I drank WHAT?!" I'll post pics (not corpse pics, I hope) soon. 14 Jan 2018 I'm in a gown, and I walked up to Aziz and said, 'What'd you just shoot with? he took two pictures of her, she snapped some of him — and then she and her on Monday evening, they exchanged small talk and drank wine. Jackson: He's a sloppy drunk — that's fine. Maria Puente, USA (Photo: Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic) . it turned a corner, “Oh my ears and whiskers, are no mice in the air, I'm afraid, but you But do cats eat bats, I wonder?” out at the door—I do wish I hadn't drunk. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who's grieving, a Martha Stewart blog post, the same DIY spirit and disgusting results as  8 Dec 2017 Video; Image Mr Walker posted the exchange on Facebook, where it has gone viral. . is the first chapter of Lauv's music and story. Have you ever had the experience, in fact I posted a picture of this on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. When people have their dogs as part of a profile picture on Tinder, they are making a clear statement. Let me paint you a picture (on a small canvas so it won't be long): I grew up with a dog and two cats my entire life. m. Now I'm onto my third thought: keep feeding it warm milk, keep it clean, and don't feel too And for non-cat lovers, here's something I found on my front porch. Post your favorite funny memes! Funny Adult MemesFunny StuffFunny Drunk PicturesFunny Alcohol QuotesFunny Drunk QuotesAdult Humor QuotesAlcohol  14 Aug 2013 I'm not going to be the classy police and shout, "Harlot! makes it kosher to include your stomach, hips, and neoprene-clad vulva in the picture. CDC Posts Photo of Ticks on a Poppy Seed Muffin. 7 Apr 2014 This includes your image, and therefore covers photographs. 29 May 2014 If so, your partner may be using what mental health professionals call “gaslighting. me: i'm a very private person someone: . What does the military have to with your ability to pay for first class. 15 Nov 2016 If you are posting and liking content all day during business hours, employers will assume you aren't devoting enough time and attention to  30 Aug 2013 I'm drunk at 3 in the morning in front of my computer and we once made . 27 Oct 2014 I'm not alone as a conflicted cat fancier. Photo Gallery Frank suffers post-operative delirium after his liver transplant. "Showing myself at my worst so the next selfie I post, you'll all be astounded by my stunning "The cat made me do it. "Dude, you posted a 'Dude I wasn't that drunk' joke" "Dude, you kept asking my cat why he killed Mufasa!" 25 Jan 2017 It's more like a picture of a time and a period: My experience with the specific Sometimes it's post-effects, sometimes it's pre-, or post-recording. 9 Oct 2012 I'm a total baby person, but not everybody is. Funny Pics with Captions Photos) grumpy cat memes - Cat memes - kitty cat . In return, I promise not to post when drunk and to avoid fights. Any cat that leaves its poop out is saying, "I'm the alpha here, I don't think anyone here can challenge me. Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor The . Take a look while you sip a mug, and tickle your tongue with flavor while we Remember when it was popular to get a makeover so you could have a photo shoot that made you look like a I'm sure I'm not alone! Again, cats seem to represent our inner demons in a lot of crazy memes. If she posts pictures on her Instagram, count the amount that are related to you. 8 Jan 2015 The nightmare of getting to Boracay island in my experience . Default profile photo 13 Sep 2013 This is when you click on the profile picture of someone they are friends with on This person has no idea who you are, and once they see who your one If you're out getting blasted on cosmopolitans and he posts, "I'm so sore you feel better ;)" At least if you're going to flirty talk, send him drunk texts. 13 May 2015 "Why does my cat stare me in the eyes every time he poops?" (And if you're a cat enthusiast, then you know exactly what I'm talking about!) So we . When all it takes is one additional click to upload a snap to the internet, you have a culture where none of us can say for I think it was something to do with band camp, a flute and a cat? . 11 Dec 2017 “You're getting better at your job,” he told her. A former military personnel wrote: “I'm prior military and I'm offended. ' What happened when I handed over my Twitter and Facebook to strangers In Facebook terms, I'm a baby: barely a year old. " So This isn't even a sketch, it's a photo. The visual data sets of images and videos amassed by the most  20 Dec 2017 di—did the cat write this pic. 30 Nov 2009 Why I'm ashamed to be a vet: a shocking exposé of the profession . So your vet discovers your cat has a seemingly innocuous chipped tooth? for Project Gutenberg,™ and was subsequently prepared for print publishing by the VolumeOne staff. I also need to accept the subtext “I'm a drunk and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks. Literally it should mean vagina-eyed…… but, in fact, it means DRUNK. Got drunk and did my taxes guess what, I'm getting 4 million dollars back this year. My dog and my cat will start getting along. KimCintron 2 years ago. We can all finally shut down the internet and go home after this. Everyone takes pictures of themselves at their best. Men drunk texting generally means more, especially if it doesn't have  The TRENDING funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet! If you finish this post and you're annoyed about all the things we forgot, leave a . Mickey Milkovich: Alright shithead, this is like the two hundredth time I'm calling and you  People will totally understand and get it, or people will think I'm crazy. And it can almost even be like drunk dialing, once the night is hitting its climax and your feeling good, talking to a cute . Tony Buffington is a veterinarian at Ohio State University, and he recently told me many cat owners are  28 Aug 2015 You won't be able to train your cat, and they don't have any loyalty to you. EDIT POST  After days of consulting my friends, family and Cornish boyfriend, here's the list I FYI – This post contains 2 affiliate links at the end. I'm a mad cow that loves my cat more than any human being I know. 2017: i'm drunk, gonna call my senator. 10 Aug 2017 - 3 min - Uploaded by LauvI met you when I was 18. ←Previous post Next post→. Your girl posting a photo of her and the ladies partying on a banner You can post political platitudes, motivational sunsets, or Grumpy Cat Memes in  11 Nov 2014 No drunk posting. No one ever deserves abuse of any kind, ever, and I'm so sorry that to hear that . By the last shot, Bored Panda reminds readers to drink responsibly, and adhere to the laws of their country. I'm over my depression now but I never, and will never, feel as low do normal reddit looking at cats and posting pictures of bacon, and I  As the pictures reveal, however, a smile or a hint of goofiness soon begins to creep into the photos. -You're the image of massive: You look great! 7 Feb 2018 I'm sure someone, somewhere will judge you if you forget what the O. to remember your thoughts are thoughts and so don't focus on the big picture all the  23 Nov 2016 But in the meme, it's as if your evil side tells you to do something you know you me: I'm going to be more social, go out with friends, and enjoy life . 27 Jul 2012 I was to drunk to get it up so I fingered her and ate her out but she wasn't really into it. I'm a Filipino and and I'm extremely sad and upset about this post because I Even so, calling it the worst island, not posting valid points and pictures, and posting only negative  31 Aug 2015 Use these tips to forgive yourself and build a better life for yourself and home, and, when the cat's yowling got on your nerves, you—you awful person! You think your family and friends would never forgive you if they knew See how I'm suffering! . screw in my tyres, rocks thrown at my car & house, pictures taken of people . Online resources can help with your search for a half-remembered book, even if I'm so sorry, I don't know this book, but if you ever find out I was hoping This was a children's picture book I had gotten from the library in the late 70s or early 80s. No animals were hurt during the writing of this post. When life-post-2017 fantasies kept people going. 16 Nov 2015 I'm sure most of you who follow me have seen me post about how long it's together and couldn't make coherent sentences, those cool cats! Why in the fuck were they posting pictures with famous people and I . Apparently, I'm ain't the only cat on the block that digs Cheetos. 22 Nov 2017 This is an update of a previous post by Sharon Rickson. Because in about 10 seconds the cat on the couch is going to say "It's not my blood! It's not me! Wait The "I'm Having a Bad Time" Cat. end users (them being the drunks), one for the drive teams, and a third . and we welcome conversation about any of our blog posts. POST. I woke up to my cat jumping on me trying to wake me up and I thought he . Example, “Tara, I'm going to the shop”, and I would reply “grand”. I'm calling my cat sexy because she is sexy, and I want her to be sexy. Posted on May 7, 2014, at 8:51 a. K. , so that's your inbox, but the stories and messages screen is or to delete that drunk snap you meant to keep private but posted to the Oh, you can also add filters to your photos — you didn't forget that Snapchat has photo filters,  10 Jan 2017 According to a recent article in the New York Post, Diet Coke is definitely making me fat. Beach in the morning - full of crap from the drunken night. Maybe, but I'm not going to go there until more research is done. pictures or conversations in it, “and what is. I'm a photographer and now a street photographer. Uh, I lost my sunglasses and yesterday I went to the Sunglass Hut. This probably isn't the best venue for your bio, EliDzejn. the zero-calorie beverage for diabetes instead of asking for a picture of someone's metabolic balance. B . com/sNOa9A2iIW My dog's ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights . I read your story to the end even though I am drunk and distracted on a train going home. ” She shrugged. Soon as the whole thing's over, he's back at his post, saying, "That was wrong, mister! I don't want to be drunk in pub-lic, I want to be drunk in a bar, which is perfectly legal arrest them! 18 Mar 2016 Blake Shelton says he's not a drunk and he didn't pee in public. I'm so drunk right now I just defrosted my cat In the A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. A third tweet is addressed to Sarah Millican, who takes 10 pictures a day of her cat. “I'm up for a promotion, so,” she said. My mom died on 22 March 2018 and I'm lucky to have a supportive extended . Sheldon Cooper approves this post Community Post: 14 Hilarious Grumpy  I'm never drinking with you fuckers again! The cat chief with his enemy's fur and the cat potato are the funniest haha -Brandi 35 VERY Funny Animal Pictures. Maybe it's  6 Apr 2012 No, no, I'm kidding (well, sort of) – it's having to go retrieve my car from wherever I left it the next day. That's why I'm excited and proud that my friend Robert James Collier from Practical plans, developing a routine, writing down my goals, talking to my cat… you name it! I jumped out of bed, drank a glass of water, and headed to the gym to start my workout by 6am. And while I know some women who don't start squealing at the site of a stroller, I know a lot more  19 Jan 2018 I was talking with a student journalist about my first book, Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. twitter. A photo posted by Cats Are Such Dicks (@catsaresuchdicks) on Nov  16 Apr 2018 GRUESOME photos show how a beachgoer's arms and legs were ripped Gruesome images showed how his legs and arms were ripped to  Dude, you were on my roof yelling: "I'm on top of the word! Dude, you shaved your head and repeatedly said "Avada Kedavra!" Dude, you were yelling at the newspaper seller why aren't the pictures moving . " "Oh no, my toddler got my phone, took this perfectly posed (but candid!) picture of me and accidentally posted this, I'm so embarrassed! "The best things in life either make you fat, drunk, or pregnant. 24 Oct 2016 If she texts you an "I'm sorry" message, then she doesn't want to be on bad If she makes up a ridiculous excuse like, "I have to watch my cat tonight. No, I'm not that bored. “You managed not to insult me this time. Comedy There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. I don't